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             "A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” ~ Cicero                                    

Dearest P.S. 56 School Family,"I'll be there for you"

  Happy November, dear friends! The month of gratitude and for giving thanks for all our blessings is here! There is truly so much to be thankful for in every moment of every day at P.S. 56! I watch with immeasurable pride and love the tremendous dedication of our entire school family to the children we serve and love. Always striving to be better than our last best, our amazing students continue to grow in leaps and bounds as readers, writers, mathematicians, historians, scientists, digital citizens, musicians, artists, athletes, critical thinkers, and friends! They are excited and proud to share their learning, and well they should be! Visiting their classrooms every day is truly THE best part of my day, and my daily reminder that I truly do have THE best job in the whole world!!!

  Everyone has an important role to play in the academic lives of all our students, and our ongoing positive and strong home-school connection remains paramount in ensuring the academic growth and success of every child. We are most grateful to you, dear parents, for your ongoing support and enthusiasm! Teamwork definitely makes the dream work!

  November includes Parent-Teacher Conferences as we conclude our first trimester and prepare to begin the next. Parent-Teacher Conferences are always an invaluable opportunity to discuss your children’s academic growth thus far this year. As we celebrate all progress and achievements, we also share specific learning goals and strategies for each individual student. This month we also celebrate the investiture of our P.S. 56 Student Council representatives for this school year. Student Council members in both grades 4 and 5 are recognized and honored during our Student Council Induction Ceremony. Together with their moderator, Ms. Lorriane Khury, they discuss and plan activities that represent our core values of Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility, Kindness, Love of learning and Empathy for all (SPARKLE). This month they are collecting new socks and gloves for those less fortunate than ourselves.

  November 2021 begins. This is always such a special time of the year. Please know always how immeasurably grateful I am for all of you. Your ongoing support, understanding, kindness and thoughtfulness are tremendously appreciated in every moment of every day. #BestSchoolFamilyEver! #BestStudentsEver!

  Together we continue to go far, and together is a wonderful place to be! From my heart to yours: thank you.


Maureen O’Neill


Tip of the Month: Today’s families are busier than ever, and the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season can make our lives extra-busy! Let’s all make a pinky promise to carve out some time from our busy schedules to enjoy some fun activities with our families. Let’s disconnect our electronics to reconnect with each other! Board games, family movie nights, walks in the park, living room ‘camp-outs’ are inexpensive and FUN opportunities to make priceless memories with our children!


Parent Flyers & Updates

Happy New School Year 2021-2022!

P.S. 56 Highlights


 Principal speaking at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Student presentation at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Students share their Kindness Project at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly,  "Count on us, we're all wonders!"  Fourth and fifth grade students present at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Students participate in the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  "You can count on me! Can we count on you?"  "Be the reason someone smiles"  

 "Glowing with kindness" 

Previous Highlights: Speech Competition 2020!

 Speech competition continued.  Audience listening at the speech competition.  Student giving a speech at the Speech Competition.  Audience listening at the speech competition continued.  

Previous Highlights: Free Rice Vocabulary Award Ceremony

Free Rice Contest winners in 3rd grade.  Free Rice Contest winners in 4th grade.  Free Rice Contest winners.  Free Rice Contest winners in 5th grade. 

Previous Highlights: Holiday Festivities. 

  Beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the lobby.  Parents Association raffle prize. 

Previous Highlights: Annual Free Rice Vocabulary Contest! 

 Students search for unknown words in an online Thesaurus.  Students learning vocabulary through an online game.  Playing a vocabulary game online to feed the hungry.  Students partake in the online vocabulary contest.  Students partake in an online vocabulary contest.  Vocabulary Contest participant busy at work.  

Previous Highlights: Red Ribbon Day Walk

 Principal, Maureen O'Neill rallies students for the annual Red Ribbon Week march.  Students in the schoolyard getting ready to march for the annual Red Ribbon Walk.  Students march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Students and teachers march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Teacher march along students at the local park.  Students march holding a banner.  Students march against drugs at the local park.  Students marching back to school from the Red Ribbon Walk. 

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