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Dearest P.S. 56 School Family,"I'll be there for you"

Our summer season is in full swing and yet it seems like just yesterday I was welcoming everyone to the 2020-2021 school year! We began the 2020-2021 school year in the middle of a global pandemic and this shared story included countless individual stories of challenges, hardships, loss and fears. And yet in spite of our individual stories, there was another shared story - the P.S. 56 School Family story. We were all unwavering in our commitment to ensure our children felt safe, felt known and loved, and continued to grow as lifelong learners. Together, we did it! Our students - your beautiful children - remained joyful learners because of your support, your devotion, your understanding, your patience and your love. They are ready to begin a new chapter and to continue their academic journeys. They will bring to this next chapter the resilience, the persistence, the dedication to excellence, the empathy, the patience, the kindness, and the love of learning that they have practiced and demonstrated this entire school year. Our students are incredible, and we could not be prouder of all their awesome achievements. Your children have left their footprints on all our hearts! Thank you for sharing your pride and joy with us! There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to all of you.

The entire school year was overflowing with outstanding teaching and learning, along with an abundance of wide smiles and joy! I want to take this opportunity to extend heartfelt appreciation to our 2020-2021 Parent Association Executive Board. Thank you Ms. Ramales (president), Ms. Sadeque (secretary) and Ms. Reyes (treasurer). I also want to extend tremendous gratitude to our Title 1 representative, Ms. Zumaya and our Title 1 Alternate, Ms. Hussain. In addition, we are forever grateful to our parent representatives on our School Leadership Team: Ms. von Uhl, Ms. Roopnarain, Ms. Hussain and Ms. Flores. Teamwork truly made the dream work! I am delighted to introduce our 2021-2022 P.S. 56 Parent Association Executive Board: President - Ms. Reyes, Secretary - Ms. Iglesia, Treasurer - Ms. Ramales. Our Title 1 representative, Ms. Zumaya and our Title 1 Alternate, Ms. Hussain will continue in their roles. This year’s School Leadership Team parent representatives include: Ms. von Uhl, Ms. Flores, Ms. Hussain and Ms. Martinez. We are looking forward to another great year!

This year’s summer vacation assignment for all our children is to have FUN! Everyone should read and/or listen to books and stories for pleasure as often as we can. This is how we become lifelong readers and learners. i-Ready is available over the summer for our children to practice their reading and math skills. Play, play, play every day! May each day include lots of reasons to smile and laugh out loud! May we all remember that time with loved ones is priceless no matter where we are. Let’s all make an abundance of memories with our families to cherish always.

We are looking so forward to our 2021-2022 school year! We will be ready to make it the Best School Year ever for all our children and families. TOGETHER we will continue to go far, and TOGETHER is a wonderful place to be! Until then, have the healthiest and happiest summer. You are loved and appreciated more than words can ever say. Always. #BestSchoolFamilyEver!


Maureen O’Neill



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 Principal speaking at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Student presentation at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Students share their Kindness Project at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly,  "Count on us, we're all wonders!"  Fourth and fifth grade students present at the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  Students participate in the Hearts and Flowers Assembly.  "You can count on me! Can we count on you?"  "Be the reason someone smiles"  

 "Glowing with kindness" 

Previous Highlights: Speech Competition 2020!

 Speech competition continued.  Audience listening at the speech competition.  Student giving a speech at the Speech Competition.  Audience listening at the speech competition continued.  

Previous Highlights: Free Rice Vocabulary Award Ceremony

Free Rice Contest winners in 3rd grade.  Free Rice Contest winners in 4th grade.  Free Rice Contest winners.  Free Rice Contest winners in 5th grade. 

Previous Highlights: Holiday Festivities. 

  Beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the lobby.  Parents Association raffle prize. 

Previous Highlights: Annual Free Rice Vocabulary Contest! 

 Students search for unknown words in an online Thesaurus.  Students learning vocabulary through an online game.  Playing a vocabulary game online to feed the hungry.  Students partake in the online vocabulary contest.  Students partake in an online vocabulary contest.  Vocabulary Contest participant busy at work.  

Previous Highlights: Red Ribbon Day Walk

 Principal, Maureen O'Neill rallies students for the annual Red Ribbon Week march.  Students in the schoolyard getting ready to march for the annual Red Ribbon Walk.  Students march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Students and teachers march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Teacher march along students at the local park.  Students march holding a banner.  Students march against drugs at the local park.  Students marching back to school from the Red Ribbon Walk. 

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