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Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

                                           ~ Mr. Rogers

Dearest P.S. 56 School Family,

   How is it possible that we are already saying “Hello May”! Our school year together continues to fly as our students continue to SPARKLE & Shine and joyfully grow in leaps and bounds! As a parent and grandmother, I have always appreciated the expression what a difference a year can make. And what an extraordinary year this has been for all our children. Our strong home-school connection has made this “year like no other” a year of joyful learning for all our children. With everyone’s loving support, our children are truly without limits as they grow as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, artists, musicians, dancers and critical thinkers. With everyone’s loving support, our children are able to navigate the challenges we all face as learners. With everyone’s loving support, our children understand that we are all in the process of becoming and that every new moment is a new opportunity to be better than our last best. My advice to us all is “don’t blink”, because we don’t want to miss a minute of their amazing journey!

It continues to be a tremendous blessing and honor for us to be your beautiful children’s second teachers! We are immeasurably grateful that you have chosen P.S. 56 to be your children’s academic home. In this “year like no other”, we have successfully worked together to ensure our children feel safe, feel known and loved, and reach their full potential as lifelong learners. They are so proud of their accomplishments, as well they should be! With the biggest smiles and great excitement, they share their new learning, their projects and their completed activities with me. Most importantly, they appreciate and applaud each other. In this “year like no other”, our children have cultivated true and lasting friendships and taught us all about the power of resilience, empathy, sticking together, and always seeing the best in ourselves and each other. There is always so much to celebrate here at P.S. 56 – most especially the children we serve!

A beautiful new month begins and our wonder-filled journey together continues. Bring it on - we are so ready to SPARKLE and shine! May this be THE best month ever for everyone, overflowing with abundant blessings! You are loved and appreciated always!


Maureen O’Neill


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 Principal, Maureen O'Neill introducing the 'Hearts and Flowers' assembly.  Class presents their kindness project at the Hearts and Flowers assembly.  Class kindness project at the Hearts and Flowers assembly.  "Count on us, we're all wonders!" class project poster board.  4th and 5th grade students present their "kindness" project at the 'Hearts and Flowers assembly.  Class kindness presentation project at the Hearts and Flowers assembly.  "You can count on me! Can we count on you?" class poster board.  "Be the reason someone smiles" class poster board.  

 "Glowing with kindness" class poster board. 

Previous Highlights: Speech Competition 2020!

 Speech competition, year 2020, pic. 3.  Speech competition, year 2020, pic. 4.  Speech competition, year 2020, pic. 2.  Speech competition, year 2020, pic. 5.  

Previous Highlights: Free Rice Vocabulary Award Ceremony

'Free Rice Contest' winners in 3rd grade.  'Free Rice Contest' winners in 4th grade.  'Free Rice Contest' winners within grade level.  'Free Rice Contest' winners in 5th grade. 

Previous Highlights: Holiday Festivities. 

  Beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the lobby.  Parents Association raffle prize. 

Previous Highlights: Annual Free Rice Vocabulary Contest! 

 Students search for unknown words in an online Thesaurus.  Students learning vocabulary through an online game.  Playing a vocabulary game online to feed the hungry.  Students partake in the online vocabulary contest.  Free Rice vocabulary contest online.  Vocabulary Contest participant busy at work.  

Previous Highlights: Red Ribbon Day Walk

 Principal, Maureen O'Neill rallies students for the annual Red Ribbon Week march.  Students in the schoolyard getting ready to march for the annual Red Ribbon Walk.  Students march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Students and teachers march for the Red Ribbon Walk at the local park.  Teacher march along students at the local park.  Students march holding a banner, "We Rock, Drug Free."  Students march against drugs at the local park.  Students marching back to school from the Red Ribbon Walk. 

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